Smart Wearables | Frequently Asked Questions


Over the past year, we’ve been transforming the way our clients run events, thanks to the introduction of our Smart Wearables solution, which come in the form of an interactive badge and button. 

From speeding up event check-in, to personalising the attendee’s event journey, increasing networking levels and providing organisers with valuable insights into attendee behaviour, our interactive wearables have been making a BIG impact.

In this blog we’ve outlined some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our Smart Wearables, if you’d like to find out more you can also visit our dedicated webpage.

1. Is there a type and size of event that Smart Wearables are best for?

We have used this technology for events for 100 attendees to events for several thousands. The case for using the technology becomes more compelling from about 250 attendees, but there isn’t really a maximum number.

2. How do you ensure the wearables and engagement platform adhere to GDPR legislation?

All the event technologies we deploy and support are GDPR compliant. 

We recommend that all our clients implement an opt-in process, which clearly explains how an attendee’s personal data will be used throughout the entire lifecycle of an event. It should outline how it will be used, for how long and when and how it can be deleted. We advise all our clients on how and what they need to implement to ensure complete compliancy. 

Attendees can control their personal information when they first log into the event app, which is paired with the smart wearable device. Via their personal profile, attendees can adjust their profile to control how much of their personal data is shared with organisers and other attendees.

3. How responsive is the technology in terms of setting up last minute additions?

It’s very responsive. We can make changes to the app and add additional attendees easily. If you would like to include a light show, we will require details prior to the event. 

4. How much lead time is required for a Smart Wearables event?

We recommend at least four weeks lead time.

5. Can you print on the wearables?

Yes, you can print on the wearables. On the badge we can add labels on both the front and back, and on the button we can print images and text to the front. We can also personalise the event app screens with your event or company branding by changing the banner, logo and colour scheme. The lanyards can also be branded.

If attendee names and photos are provided before the event we can print badge labels in colour. Black and white printers are used on-site, as they are faster than colour printers, helping to speed up the registration process.

6. What levels of support do you offer with your Smart Wearables solution?

We provide our Premium support package for all Smart Wearable events. The technology is fully supported by our expert team, from concept to completion. From customised training, an advisory service throughout, a Wi-Fi audit, content uploading, speaker briefing sessions and a team of Event Technology Specialists on-site, supporting and deploying the technology throughout the live event. Following the event, we provide a comprehensive data report.

7. How do you ensure attendees wear their wearables and return with them on subsequent days?

It’s important for wearable devices to be worn each day, for both the attendee and organiser’s experience. In your event planning, consider opportunities to communicate with attendees before and during the event to explain the benefits that wearing a device can bring. Sending push notifications each morning as a reminder, asking presenters and MC’s to remind attendees will also help. Messages on-site via digital screens, banners and posters are also a good idea.

When it comes to collecting the wearables up at the end of the event, we recommend having large collection buckets for attendees to deposit their badge as they leave the venue.

8. Are the wearables reusable?

Absolutely, we have a rental or purchase pricing model. 

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