If you are planning on using any event technology which is reliant on Wi-Fi, a robust Wi-Fi audit is an essential step in your preparations to ensure all goes well on the day. Without reliable, fully tested Wi-Fi, your delegates, speakers and teams’ experience and the objectives of the event are all in jeopardy.

Event organisers have identified Wi-Fi as the single biggest risk factor in deploying event technology in live events. Frequently the organiser is stuck between an app provider suggesting one set of requirements for Wi-Fi and a venue sales rep offering something different. We break this cycle of mis-communication by providing independent, technical advice on the venue’s current Wi-Fi setup, its applicability for the event tech requirements and ways, if needed, to de-risk.

We have delivered events in all venue types across the world and know from experience that Wi-Fi capabilities and reliability vary enormously. It pays to be proactive in fully exploring and testing the Wi-Fi capabilities of your proposed venue, taking in to consideration the number of delegates you will have on site and allowing for them all jumping on the Wi-Fi at the same time and using it intensely for the duration of your event.

Our Wi-Fi audit service gives you peace of mind. We will undertake a detailed audit of your venue’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and advise on its suitability for your event and if it’s not up to scratch we can install our own dedicated Wi-Fi for your event.

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If your venue does not have Wi-Fi, or the current network is unsuitable, we can work with you to find a solution.

Offering a perfectly packaged combination of audience response features to stimulate high participation, irrespective of the size of your event, our voting keypads allows you to gather instant feedback, assess knowledge and understanding, enhance learning and canvass opinion from your audience more effectively.

We also have experience in working with third party Wi-Fi providers to provide a robust Wi-Fi solution in any environment if required, so that you can run our Event App, Collaborate App or Audience Engagement App without worry.

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Working with Crystal was a real pleasure; their experience in running these types of events means that you are in safe hands. The event itself ran very smoothly and I would definitely work with them again.

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