Every event is different and every audience unique, requiring a tailored approach to ensure the best use of event technology. No matter what technology is being deployed, on-site teams need to adapt to these changes to ensure event apps and voting devices are used to best effect to maximise impact and return on investment.

Technical support is always highly sought after in live events: from supporting adoption by delegates and speakers alike, to providing technical support in accessing and using the technology, and playing a vital role within the event production team before, during and after the event.

Empower your team to feel confident throughout the project lifecycle by running a pre-event training session with our experienced team. Learn more about possible pitfalls and how to navigate through changes and challenges typical of all live events.

Our training is tailored to your team, from teaching you how to make content updates to an existing app,  through training in how to build apps to coaching on how to deploy an app in the live environment. For companies looking to become self-sufficient in deploying technology solutions, we are able to make the transition as quickly as possible, without leaving our clients stranded and unsupported. 


If you find yourself lacking the in-house resource to provide full technical support at your next event, help is at hand. We can place one or more of our Event Technology Specialists within your team, before, during and after the event to provide the support you need.

Our team travel the world in pursuit of event technology excellence for our clients and they are adept at finding solutions to any challenges that come their way.

Our event app training and on-site support services flex to the need of your project and your organisation. Contact us today to find out more.

Crystal incorporated their knowledge and understanding of our objectives and provided us with a live real time survey service that made the event both inspiring and enlightening for our delegates. The flexibility of the team meant that changes were incorporated seamlessly and professionally.



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