It’s not an exaggeration to say Apple has revolutionised live event technology. iPad Airs are the ultimate device for collaboration, making it easier than ever for audiences to interact with presenters, submit questions, access personalised event content and watch live presentations from the main screen.


The larger screen size and higher resolution of the iPad is the preferred choice if the presentation includes complicated diagrams or a large amount of text, or if the Event App is content rich. It is an excellent choice too if there are several delegates who need to share the screen for collaboration exercises or interactive team-building games.


When choosing our Event App, Collaborate App or Audience Response App, we also provide iPad hire for events, for all delegates, or for part of your audience for those who don’t have or prefer not to use their own devices at events.

For most events, particularly internal events and large format meetings (e.g. exhibitions) attendees are willing and able to use their own device but for some groups (very senior, high value guests or some who would otherwise be excluded) providing iPads is the right approach. Guarantees 100% uptake and simplifies the delegate journey.

Explore some of our case studies to learn how Event Apps are delivered on our iPads and delegates’ own devices, and contact one of our team today to start a conversation about your next event.

The iPad really helped me to collaborate with the other delegates on my table throughout the conference

John Anderson


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