Crystal showcases latest audience engagement event tech


Yesterday we hosted Innovating Interaction, a showcase dedicated to the latest in audience engagement technology.

Business Development Manager Mark Robertson welcomed the delegates and invited them to, “Get ready for a fast and exciting ride on the audience engagement roller coaster”.

Instant Infographic

The audience of 50 event specialists and comms practitioners started by profiling themselves via the custom designed Crystal conference app. Each delegate submitted information about themselves using a short survey.

The app then turned the aggregate results into an Instant Infographic beautifully demonstrating a new and fast way to share delegate feedback in real time. 

Latest Trends

Your author then described three of the latest trends in audience engagement technology. Aside from connected cows and mobiles as big as buses, the trends outlined were:

Wearables will go mainstream and get smaller, cheaper and therefore more useful

Startups will continue to innovate and proliferate, but only the strongest will survive

And the Internet of Things will connect up our world at home and at work

Teambuilding in the warm

Chris Carey from Axiom Communications facilitated our latest collaborative cycling game where delegates used their iPads in unison as a collaborative games controller.

Uniquely for a computer game, the players work together to direct a cycling team along a course. The game controller monitors the collective decisions of the audience to speed up, steer and recover from setbacks.

Chris expertly guided the delegates through playing the game, including using the app to gauge how the audience could improve their performance.

The Crystal game engine is shortlisted for an industry Award for Innovation being announced later this month.

Virtual Gold

Charles Willy of World Gold Council described his company’s experience of using Crystal to support their global employee engagement campaign following major changes in the organisation.

Chris Elmitt of Crystal Interactive had expertly facilitated virtual events held across continents supported by our event app and Charles highlighted the unique dynamic of bringing people together anonymously to share ideas and challenge each other to make their organisation a better place to work.

From planning to presentation and feedback to the board the programme took four weeks. The virtual engagement ensured no foreign travel and achieved 100% staff participation and gathered over 500 contributions.

World’s Fastest Hackathon

The final part of the showcase saw delegates use Crystal collaboration tools to participate in a hackathon process. The hackathon technique has been embraced by many leading organisations to develop new ideas.

Crystal are proud to have improved the hackathon process with collaboration technology leading to audiences reaching outcomes much quicker.

Earlier that morning, the District Line was suspended disrupting many delegates’ journeys to the showcase. So transport issues were coincidentally front of mind for some when Chris Elmitt asked delegates to brainstorm and share responses to the question:

“What are the best ways to improve transport infrastructure in the UK?”

Over 90 ideas were generated in less than 2 minutes and the audience surfaced the best ideas with 370 likes and followed up with further 50 comments and thoughts as refinements.

In the final step, the participants prioritised the strongest ideas. The top two ideas rated by number of delegate likes were:

Talk with other countries about their systems and what works well, e.g. during times of bad weather [20 Likes]

Join up the bus and train timetables nationally like they do in Switzerland [18 Likes]

The hackathon was completed in 6 minutes and 56 seconds, a world record! And a great effort to try and solve one of the UK’s most complicated issues.

Creatively Instinctif

A pioneer of the conference hackathon Jo Broadhead from Instinctif Partners described some recent challenging client engagements and how Crystal had helped her deliver. Our latest Instictif development included a real time app re-brand.

Crystal's event app magic enabled a live transition from the client’s old branding updating in moments to reveal the new brand. Every button, image and colour updated right before the delegates’ eyes to reveal a completely new app in the new brand.

Chris Elmitt wrapped up the excellent interactive showcase by answering some of the 30 probing questions asked by delegates through our conference app.

Find out more about how to get the latest engagement technology delivered perfectly at your events by contacting Mark Robertson on 020 3176 2000 or by email

Thank you

Our sincere thanks for the important and much appreciated contributions and support from our wonderful clients Chris Carey at Axiom, Charles Willy at World Gold Council and Jo Broadhead at Instinctif.

And thank you to our partners, Jenna and the venue Conrad St James, Peter at AVC for the excellent AV and Nic Moore at Mindset for the video.

We couldn’t have run the showcase without any of you or without the impressive, stop pulling efforts from the Crystal team. Thank you.





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