Introducing JAM Investigator


Covid-19 has created significant disruption for pharmaceutical R&D. Clinical Research Advisors (CRAs) and MedComms Agencies are no longer able to convene Investigator Meetings, resulting in drug launch delays. As the patent window remains unchanged, pharma companies are losing vital months of commercial trading through postponement of trials. 

Crystal Interactive has supported face-to-face IMs for a decade, providing event technology to improve learning for HCPs, CRAs, Medcomms Agencies and pharma clients. In response to the crisis, we have fast-tracked a unique online approach to IM delivery – our JAM Investigator solution. 

There are several challenges to overcome for productive virtual investigator meetings:

  • While IM’s last entire or multiple days, Virtual IMs can only have a short live component, typically 120 minutes, to ensure participant engagement. Our solution incorporates proven techniques to accelerate the meeting process while ensuring participants have appropriate time to assimilate the provided information.
  • While IM’s are a knowledge-sharing forum with open discussions, large virtual meetings (10+ participants) tend to be passive experiences for the audience. Our solution creates a new way for HCPs to interact with each other and the presenters online.
  • While it is important to assess learning at IMs, it is essential to do so in the virtual environment. Our solution tracks attendance, participation and achievement of learning outcomes to give CROs confidence that the HCPs have understood trial contents and successfully participated in the results.  

The Components

Crystal’s JAM Investigator solution has six main components:

 1.     Pre-event – JAM Investigator manages registration, pre-event communication and publishing/ monitoring of pre-read materials. We know who is coming, and that pre-reading has been completed before the meeting to ensure participants start from the same knowledge-base.

2.     Agenda Builder - Med-Comms agency clients can use a new tool to configure the meeting agenda details. Included is a best practice guide on how to transpose an IM into the virtual context. This tool enables MedComms agencies to control the planning process, reducing reliance on Crystal staff for agenda design and software configuration. 

 3.     In-meeting tools - An embedded webcast plugin powers inbuilt slide, voice and video sharing and provides customisation controls to fit the required investigator meeting format, making the virtual meeting easier for participants to navigate.

 4.     Unique discussion tools - We understand that managing verbal conversation with six or more people in a virtual meeting poses a tremendous challenge. We use text to ensure people can share ideas and questions, review, and comment. We have a unique process to avoid information overload, and this simple and intuitive method elevates participant engagement compared with other meeting platforms. 

 5.     Voting and quiz - Full-featured voting and quiz platforms allow organisers to create pulses of engagement during presentations, to capture insights from the audience quickly and using fun or competitive options to track participant retention. 

 6.     Tracking, assessment and reporting – JAM Investigator provides a rich set of insights into the success of the meeting. 

Reporting capabilities include:

  • How many people attended and engagement length (as a percentage of total time)
  • Pre and post-reading completion rates
  • Quiz and voting rates
  • Q&A and discussion participation rates

 The Benefits

  • Gives trained agency clients complete control of designing bespoke virtual meeting experiences 
  • Provides a unique dataset to assess and report on the effectiveness of the meeting, and provide valuable insights for future meetings
  • Provides a truly engaging experience for HCPs unlike any other platform on the market






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