Our event solutions can support internal meetings within organisations, keeping employees well informed and engaged, communicating the latest information, facilitiating change and navigating complex issues.

We work with you to ensure the objectives for all internal meetings are met with easy to use, reliable and intuitive event technology for the event organisers, speakers and delegates alike.

Explore some examples of the way we have maximised audience engagement and outcomes through the use of technology at internal events and contact one of our team to explore the possibilities for your next event.

Employee Engagement & Town Halls

Ensuring employees at all levels of your business are well informed, engaged and motivated is an essential element to success. The modern-day staff meeting, although typically short and with little or no budget, can be a critical first step to guarantee all members are well briefed on the short to medium term objectives for the business.

Whether face-to-face or virtual meetings, we can help you clearly and concisely deliver information and gain feedback in an energetic and engaging style.

Our Audience Response Apps are a great fit for Employee Engagement events.

  • Employees can participate from wherever they are in the world.
  • The App can stay active to enable further questions and comments to be submitted after the meeting.
  • When required, responses can be provided anonymously, eliciting more honest and open feedback.
  • Audience Response Apps allows everyone to participate and give feedback, not just those with the loudest voice.
  • They are quick to implement.
  • Before and after comparison polls track real-time shifts in opinion and understanding.

Explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help with employee engagement events.

“It felt like an easy way to engage a lot of people quickly and efficiently”
Old Mutual Wealth Values Jam participant


Leadership Meetings

When key business leaders come together for internal management meetings to shape the future of a business it is important to make sure everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion. Whether meetings are designed around a series of informative presentations or aim to facilitate discussion and idea sharing or problem solve, the ability to capture, share and vote on everyone’s opinion will result in intelligent solutions everyone agrees on.

Our Collaborate App and Connector Keypads are great solutions for leadership meetings. Here’s why:

Collaborate App

  • The Collaborate App is the most powerful and flexible platform on the market for engaging large groups in discussion and decision-making.
  • The full service approach – included provided iPads, dedicated WiFi install and onsite support removes all barriers and distractions for senior teams that want to focus on the work, not the tech.
  • The group work features in Collaborate allow for themes from group and table discussions to be recorded instantly and then shared back to the organisers. That data can then be shortlisted by everyone together to create outcomes and actions.
  • We have two decades of experience in working with leadership teams to design interactive sessions underpinned by the Collaborate App.

Connector Keypads

  • Our Connector Keypads are driven by in-room server technology, so data stays in the room rather than in the cloud.
  • Our award-winning Connector Keypads are familiar looking handsets, so delegates will be instantly at ease in using them.
  • As devices are provided to all delegates, no preparation or download is required in advance, they simply pick up a device and get started.

Explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help with leadership meetings.

“The technology allowed a speed and efficiency of communication which ensured that all ideas and intelligence was captured; when analysed, this led to real business winning initiatives”


Product Launches and Sales Kick-offs

Product launches and sales kick-offs call for the most engaging methods to ensure all pertinent information is clearly understood and to create excitement and a buzz around the new activity.

With big budgets and big expectations, it’s important nevertheless to have some fun and engage your audience whilst still communicating all the benefits and characteristics crucial to the product’s success.

Event Apps

  • Deepen the learning about products through fun, interactive games.
  • Provide more detailed information through Q&A forums.
  • Provide pre-launch reading materials and resources in advance of the event, and take-away product information which delegates can refer to later and disseminate to other team members

Quizzes, Social and Networking

Once the serious business of meetings and presentations are complete, provide your delegates with further networking opportunities and some light entertainment.

Sociable quizzes and fundraising events are made even more enjoyable with some interactive event technology. All our technology solutions support an element of fun and gamification, from scavenger hunts with event app and team quizzes with connector and collaborate.

Our Connector Keypads and Event App solutions are well equipped to facilitate quizzes, social and networking events.

Connector Keypads

  • Simple to use to involve all attendees.
  • Broad range of quiz styles available to suit your event.

Event App

  • Share useful background information on attendees to encourage networking.
  • Locate your colleagues throughout the event.

Explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help with quizzes, social and networking.

“The onsite Crystal team were fantastic and the new quiz format incorporating the Connector Keypads was a big success. The technology helped energise the audience which made for an entertaining and exciting night”
Alex Howells, Freelance Producer, The Mix



Whether for internal communication or as a customer facing event, roadshows can be logistically very complex with a series of events taking place in different locations within a short space of time.

Our experienced team can ease the pressure by providing either a turnkey solution comprising devices, network and onsite team, through to a DIY solution for those who want to deploy the technology on own devices using venue WiFi. All our event technology solutions have a place at these types of events, enabling clients to capture highly valuable insights and to spot differences between regions or departments.

Our Event App and Connector Keypads are often used in roadshow environments.

Event App

  • Ensure all stakeholders at any location within the roadshow have access to the same consistent information and experience.

Connector Keypads

  • No need to rely on differing Wi-Fi capabilities at each venue
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy for attendees to use

Seminars and Briefings

Traditionally shorter in length than conferences and meetings, seminars and briefings are less demanding on delegates’ time but the correct deployment of event technology is just as critical.

In the shorter timeframe of a seminar and briefing, there is great pressure to extract as much useful information as possible. In our experience, the use of interactive event technology really comes into its own in these situations, to shape the content and flow of the event and make the capturing of that information reliable and straight-forward.

We can manage the event evaluation process and provide analysis from the data captured; extending the impact of the seminars and briefings and providing added value.

Our Connector Keypads and Event App solutions are well equipped to facilitate quizzes, social and networking events.

Connector Keypads

  • Conduct polls to instantly reflect the feeling of delegates and shape the speaker’s presentation.
  • Directly influence the content of Q&A sessions by capturing real-time opinions.

Event App

  • Evaluate captured information after the event
  • Disseminate meeting content and polling analysis after the event to delegates who were unable to attend

Stakeholder Meetings

Whether you are a council or government department, property developer or a company that recognises the value in close communication with those affected by your operations, engaging with your stakeholders in live meetings is not always a smooth process. Heated debates and strong opinions can frequently derail a carefully planned agenda.

By structuring the meeting around our Collaborate App, all participants have an equal opportunity to share their views in a calm and considered way, maximising the effectiveness of the meetings and improving outcomes for the business. We have a strong track record in turning potentially combative meetings into productive sessions with measurable outcomes.


Training can take many forms and the sharing of skills and knowledge is always invaluable across all sectors. We will work with you to advise which technology best suits your needs, from enabling Q&A, using voting to gauge audience understanding, through to effortlessly sharing information and efficient note-taking.

Workshop and Group Collaboration

In smaller group settings, encouraging insightful input from all members to achieve the objectives of discussion, decision making or problem solving can easily be realised through the support of our Collaborate App.

Key underlying issues can be raised more readily when members can comment using the anonymous function of the app. It also allows for structures to be formed, issues to be prioritised and solutions documented for quick and positive outcomes.

Collaborate has proved indispensable in enabling groups to reach consensus in short time frames or when starting from opposing viewpoints.

Collaborate App

  • Collate honest, insightful information from inhibited attendees by ensuring their anonymity.
  • Prioritise points for discussion.
  • Document solutions efficiently.

Explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help with quizzes, social and networking.

“Using the cards and iPads got all the participants engaged from the outset and stimulated discussion… the sessions and technology allowed participants to share with each other and then see the trends their peers thought would have the greatest impact.”
Melinda Eggenberger, Event Organiser



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