External events typically serve large audiences and multiple stakeholders, and event technology serves many purposes in these environments, including enabling the organisation and sharing of large amounts of information, providing everyone with a reliable and easy means of contributing and facilitating networking.

We work with you to ensure the multi-level logistical demands for such large events are met with easy-to-use, reliable and intuitive event technology for the event organisers, speakers and delegates alike.

Explore some examples of the way we have maximised audience engagement and outcomes through the use of technology at external events and contact one of our team to explore the possibilities for your next event.

Congresses and Symposia

To communicate the latest research findings to the worldwide healthcare sector, congresses bring together vast audiences, often in excess of 5,000 doctors and medical professionals, in a complex programme of speakers and satellite meetings. Smaller symposia presentations or discussion forums held around the congress have their own specific technology requirements, still working with up to 1,500 attendees.

Our Connector Keypads, Event App and Audience Response App are three typical solutions for congresses and symposia. Benefits include:

Connector Keypads

  • Immediate audience engagement to gauge opinions and gather information and ensure that medical decisions are transparent and auditable.
  • Reliable voting capability for large audiences which isn’t reliable on WiFi, making it a flexible, scalable technology for audiences of several thousand.
  • Easy-to-manage Q&A.
  • With the notoriously short get-in and set up times for AV and event technology at these types of events, our simple set up is the best solution for reliability and ease of use.
  • As attendees are often unknown to organisers, it is not always possible to send download and connection instructions for an event app beforehand. Connectors overcome this problem as they are simply collected on arrival at the venue, or at their seats.
  • The Connector microphone provides a great solution for large audiences where using a roaming mic is challenging.

Event App
Event App serves the need of the wider congress well:

  • Create efficient, personalised agendas for each delegate
  • Allow delegates to easily optimise their time at the event
  • Easy provision of content to enable ready access to logistical information as well as symposia details and resources, abstracts and posters.

Audience Response App

  • Audience Response Apps are particularly suited to smaller symposia where reliant WiFi is in place
  • As an added benefit, the WebApp makes it easy for attendees to connect on arrival, as attendees unknown to organisers so sending download instructions prior to arrival may not be possible.

“Thank you also so much for your fantastic assistance before and during the symposium – I really appreciated your hard work and proactivity in getting things set up with the ‘last-minute’ congress team, and also your running the switching and graphics management during the show. I’m not sure what we’d have done without you!”
Synergy Vision


Expos and Exhibitions

Expos and exhibitions are vast in scale, bringing together companies in specific industries to showcase their offerings to customers. They also provide vital networking opportunities as well as a chance to deepen your understanding of the market in which you operate.<

Using our customised Event App, we can make navigating these huge events easy for delegates by including features such as venue information, floorplans, timetables, exhibitor information, exclusive vouchers and much more.

Sponsors gain maximum value from their involvement in the event by increasing their exposure before, during and after the event through the App and smart exhibitors attract potential customers through money can’t buy promotions available only through the app and redeemable on the show floor.

Event App

  • Build excitement prior to the event
  • Provide essential event information at a glance
  • Offer exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to increase uptake of your App

Industry Conferences

As the pillar of industry networking, conferences provide valuable opportunities for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to meet, learn and immerse themselves in all aspects of their industry.

Our Event App provides a central information hub for attendees, including details on sponsors and exhibitors, personalised agendas, direct messaging and meeting scheduling with other attendees, plus the ability to contribute to discussion topics.

Event App

  • Raise the profile of sponsors and exhibitors before, during and after the conference
  • Facilitate networking
  • Allow attendees to design their own agendas for the event
  • Allow delegates to shape discussion topics
  • Engage with content before, during and after the conference


  • Asking demographic questions to the audience means that all subsequent questions can be analysed against those demographics, enabling you to see a breakdown of group insights by audience type at the end of the event. This provides powerful data for creating industry reports post-event
  • Before and after polls test the knowledge retention and change in opinion
  • Scalable solution for large industry events

Explore our case studies learn more about event technology for industry conferences.

“Having Crystal help set up the app, load content, bounce ideas off and deal with the venue, was a big weight off the HBAA team”
Caleb Parker, Technology and Innovation Chair, HBAA


Pharmaceutical and Scientific Meetings

The research, trial and launch of new pharmaceutical drugs relies on a series of different meeting structures with common objectives – to clearly and concisely communicate information and ensure health care professionals’ understanding. Bringing together delegates also provides the rare opportunity to gain an insight into current industry trends and to survey industry opinion on a large, representative scale.

Connector Keypads

  • Instantly gauge delegates’ understanding of the content of meetings.
  • Maximise the opportunity for delegates to ask questions.
  • Survey and capture delegate opinions and identify industry trends.
  • Organisers often have to ensure that every attendee has an opportunity to vote – and the only guaranteed method to achieve this is to give everyone a device that is not reliant on WiFi.
  • The technology must be failsafe as often poll results can be crucial to the research and development of new drugs and other key decisions.

Audience Response App

  • Audience Response Apps are a practical solution for certain locations that make other event technology options challenging.
  • The WebApp features makes it quick and easy for attendees to connect and participate.

Explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help with Pharmaceutical and Scientific Meetings.

“We really benefited from the Crystal service. The app allowed attendees to text in their own language using their own devices… so we saw an increase in participation! James Fawcett was great – he slotted seamlessly into our team and did a fabulous job”
Vicky Gomez Bibson, Project Manager, SWM Partners



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