While no two events are identical, certain technology solutions lend themselves to particular event types and objectives. Explore some typical event types below and learn about the way in which we have worked with clients to deploy event technology to best effect.

Whether your event is straight-forward or more avante garde, our corporate events consultants love nothing more than shaping the technology and advice we provide to the needs of your event and your audience.

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Event technology can support internal meetings within organisations, keeping employees well informed and engaged, communicating the latest information, facilitiating change and navigating complex issues.

Our internal event experience includes:

Employee Engagement and Town Halls Employee Engagement and Town Halls
Leadership Meetings Leadership Meetings
Product Launches and Sales Kick-offs Product Launches and Sales Kick-offs
Quizzes, Social and Networking Quizzes, Social and Networking
Roadshows Roadshows
Seminars and Briefings Seminars and Briefings
Stakeholder Meetings Stakeholder Meetings
Training Training
Workshop and Group Collaboration Workshop and Group Collaboration

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External events typically serve large audiences and multiple stakeholders, and event technology serve many purposes in these environments, including organising and sharing information, providing everyone with a reliable and easy means of contributing and facilitating networking.

Our external event experience includes:

Congresses and Symposiums Congresses and Symposiums
Expos and Exhibitions Expos and Exhibitions
Industry Conferences Industry Conferences
Pharmaceutical and Scientific Meetings Pharmaceutical and Scientific Meetings

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