How secure is your event app?


Technology security is at the top of everyone’s concerns these days and events are no exceptions. Due to heightened sensitivity around data breaches and privacy, and the introduction of GDPR legislation earlier this year, the security of you event app is crucial.

We’ve written this short blog to shed light on the Crystal Interactive Event App, its security features and how we work with clients to ensure a safe and secure Event App experience for their attendees.

Event App Security Features

Downloading the Event App: Unless your event is open to the public, we would always recommend keeping your events private within the container app.  Attendees to your event will download the ‘Crystal Interactive Event App’ from the App Store and search for your client branded event app using a unique EventID, which is defined by you (the client) and shared only with the attendees to your event, typically emailed to attendees in the run up to the event.

Passwords - protect your delegates within Event App: Passwords help your delegates protect access to their personal profile within the event app and the information housed inside it.  Without passwords, anyone who can guess your delegate’s email address could potentially access the event app and the data within it, such as private messages or profile information. 

The password policy on our Event App can be as strict as required and we will advise you on this and customise the settings to work with the level of security your event needs.  We’ve summarised the options below.

Unique passwords – perfect for sensitive information: Delegates will be assigned a unique password, typically shared via an emailed set of joining instructions.  To log in to the app, delegates will need to submit their username (we recommend their email address) and the unique password allocated to them.  This option works well for smaller audiences (less than 300 people) and where the app contains sensitive information. 

Within the Event App platform, we also have the ability to allow delegates to create their own password. 

Generic passwords - perfect for most event types: The second option, which works well for most events, is to provide all registered delegates with a generic password via an emailed set of joining instructions.  The delegates log in using their email address and the generic password.  The password is only shared with registered delegates.  This option works well with larger audiences, where the information contained within the app is non-sensitive. 

Privacy Settings within our Event App: Whether you have confidential information contained in your event app or not, it’s important to ensure that all personal data about your delegate is only accessible by authorised parties and the delegate is assured their personal data will not be shared with third parties.

Under the new GDPR rulings, we recommend all clients clearly communicate their privacy policy and data usage policies to all users upon opening the app for the first time.  At the point of download users must accept the terms before continuing.

The user can define their privacy settings in their profile immediately after logging in, therefore they can choose whether they wish to share their profile information with other delegates through the event app. 

Visibility within Event App: In many of the Event Apps we build we include visible delegate lists, making it easy for attendees to network with each other and see who else is attending.  However, dependent on the event this can be customised.  The app can be built to allow the user the option to be visible or hidden from other delegates within the app.  Or, we can completely hide the delegate list within the app, which ensures high levels of security, but does remove the option of peer to peer networking and in-app messaging. 

Other steps that can be taken for maximum security:

Biometric log in: Where high levels of security are paramount we can use biometric logins for certain features within the app.  Delegates can securely access the Event App using their fingerprint. 

Logout Manager: We recommend adding the ‘Logout Manager’ feature to your Event App.  This allows you to centrally log out all delegates from the app after the event and control those who have access to it.  You can easily log out an attendee and delete their profile.

Lock down specific content within the app: Anything relating to personal identity can be locked down within the app and documents housed within the app can also be configured to restrict sharing. 

Testing of apps: All the Event Apps we build are thoroughly tested and signed off by the client before we go live. 

Event App support – before, during and after your event

We customise and brand our Event App for every client event and provide on-site support from our team of Event Technology Specialists, ensuring complete peace of mind at your event.  Our team can also provide additional consultancy and support services to maximise the adoption and utilisation of the app and will advise on security concerns, mixing and matching your preferences to meet the needs and levels of security required.

How secure is your event app? 

At Crystal we work hard to protect people’s privacy, whilst at the same time creating an engaging, relevant and informative Event App for our clients and their attendees. If you would like to discuss our Event App and support services in more detail, please contact one of our event tech professionals today.  Please contact us on +44 1483 927 900 or email 





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