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The Microlise Transport Conference is the largest road transport conference in Europe. Based in Coventry’s Ricoh Arena, 1,200 delegates gathered to discuss current issues relating to the UK’s vital haulage industry. In attendance were some of the industry’s largest blue chip names as well as experts in vertical sectors and from the industry’s prominent trade organisations.

The format for the one day event included a world class line up of speakers, panel discussions and workshops where delegates could learn new skills and discuss a range of topics, plus networking opportunities and exhibition stands.

The conference is valued as a rare opportunity to gather informative insights into the opinions of industry stakeholders.

During previous years’ events, audience engagement and participation had been facilitated through the use of Crystal’s Connector Keypads. However, this year Microlise wanted to investigate other technologies that utilised delegates’ own devices.

Through working closely with the Microlise team and establishing the objectives of the conference early on, we became an integral part of their event planning team.

We recommended using our Audience Response App as a perfect solution for facilitating audience interaction on a large scale. Complemented by our support service, we also provided advice and guidance to ensure the app was used to gain maximum insight. Microlise briefed speakers on the capability of the app so that they included relevant questions in their presentations and during the event we allowed time to comment on the immediate audience responses. Delegates were also contacted prior to the conference and advised to download the app before the event or use the web link on the day. This helped to ensure maximum uptake of the app.

Throughout the conference our on-site Event Technology Specialists managed the interactive elements of the event and slotted seamlessly into Mircolise’s Audio Visual team. 

Two large screens either side of the stage were used to show the speakers, looped video presentations and were key in displaying timely reminders to encourage audience participation in the interactive polling.

Following the conference, Microlise collated the data captured through the app and presented it in its report, providing valuable insights for PR and marketing activities. The report offers a unique insight into the opinions of delegates and crucial information for industry bodies that would not otherwise be known.

As the largest road transport conference in Europe, Microlise Transport Conference is the only event of its kind, bringing together members of the road transport industry to discuss the issues of the day and work collaboratively to address challenges facing the industry.

Crystal’s Audience Response App is an excellent tool. It helped us achieve an even greater level of audience engagement than previous years and was backed up by the fantastic support and knowledge of the Crystal team.

Martyn Gettings, PR and Content Manager


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