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The Marketing Society’s Braver Conference and Dinner, held at the London Science Museum and Lord’s Cricket Ground, attracts over 1,000 of its members from blue chip companies every year.  Senior marketers attend the event to hear from inspiring speakers, gain fresh perspectives, discover new ideas and connect with their peers.  The conference aims to get under the skin of what being brave really means in work and life.

Following a day of learning, the event continues into the evening with dinner, entertainment and an awards ceremony. 

The Society hosted 5 events across the world on the same day this year, inspiring members to be braver around the globe.


At last year’s event, the team used personalised lanyards for attendees.  This year, organisers were looking for an innovative solution that would set the event apart, whilst reflecting the overall ‘brave’ theme of the conference.

With almost 400 attendees checking in at the start of the day, organisers wanted to ensure a smooth registration process, they wanted to encourage attendees to network and interact with their peers, speakers and partners, and create a paper-free event with the inclusion of an event app.

Organisers sought to track their attendees throughout the conference, to allow them to make real-time decisions based on attendee behaviour, and to provide vital feedback to their 3 commercial partners who supported the conference.

Crystal Case Study-TMS delegates


Through careful consideration of the brief, event goals and the planned activities throughout the day, we recommended our smart wearable solution and complete event engagement platform, klik, alongside our Connector Voting Keypads, to allow attendees to vote during the evening award ceremony.

Our dedicated project team integrated into The Marketing Society team seamlessly, providing comprehensive pre-event advice and content support prior to the conference and supported the event throughout the day and evening with our crew of event technology specialists.

Paper-free conference

To fit with the paper-free goal, we built and populated a fully branded event app, which provided all vital event information electronically to the attendee.  An agenda, speaker biographies, feedback surveys and more were all housed in the app.  The event app was available to each attendee pre-event, to engage them prior to arrival and allow them to plan their day. 


The Marketing Society was keen to encourage member networking and the light up wearable badge provided a memorable way in which to do so.  The perfect ice-breaker – attendees simply clicked their badges together to exchange contact information.  The contact details of their peers then appeared in the event app, ready to download after the event.  Attendees could determine their own privacy levels upon entering the app, ensuring stringent GDPR laws are met.

Management of attendees through colour

Speakers were able to surprise audiences with the light show capabilities of the smart badge during presentations, captivating attendees to make for a more theatrical experience.  Organisers used light paging to notify attendees of upcoming sessions and when breaks were coming to an end.


Each conference partner was given a Touchpoint on their stand to digitise product interest and share content easily with attendees.  Attendees simply clicked their badge on the relevant Touchpoint and the content was sent directly to their event app.  Organisers were able to feedback valuable information to partners on who downloaded their content, to assist with follow up activities.

Attendance tracking

With our assistance, organisers used klik to monitor the dynamics on the event floor in real-time.  Our team installed Bluetooth hubs throughout the conference zones, which worked in conjunction with the smart wearables and allows data to be gathered passively, in real-time.

By mapping attendee activity, footfall and engagement on partner stands, The Marketing Society was able to evaluate the effectiveness of all 3 partner stands, clearly showing partners how many people visited their stand, the dwell time and provide a lead retrieval system. 

Connector Voting Keypads

We provided our award-winning Connector Voting Keypads to assist with the voting for an award during the evening event.  The venue could not guarantee Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire room, making the Connector the perfect solution, as it’s not reliant on Wi-Fi and is a failsafe method to ensure the audience can participate at the touch of a button.

Data intelligence

The engagement platform provides a superior ‘backend’ where organisers can view in real-time the klik activity and track attendees via a live heat map, helping them measure attendance, activities and engagement.  A full report on footfall and engagement on partner stands, based on tangible data will help the marketing team improve partner packages for future events and insights into attendee behaviour will be fed back into CRM activities.


The Marketing Society is an exclusive global network of senior marketers.  With over 3,000 members, The Marketing Society is a place for marketers to learn, develop and share best practice.

A huge thank you to all the Crystal Interactive team, who provided a very professional service from start to finish. A lot of work goes into putting on a great event, and we have had some brilliant feedback. Our partners were very happy with their footfall and dwell time, so for them there was an instant ROI. There is so much more to explore with this technology.

Sarah Woodley, Commercial Director, The Marketing Society


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