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Even before Brexit, many global industries were facing big shifts in the way they operated; none more so than the legal industry. The rise of in-house legal teams at big corporates, the demand for efficiency and the opportunity/threat posed by new technologies to previously skilled, human work will bring about major change for lawyers, their firms and their clients. So when Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms, brought the managing partners of approximately 100 law firms together, they decided to explore these problems to understand better what the future holds.

Working with long-standing partners, management gurus Møller PSF Group, Crystal Interactive adapted Møller’s proprietary card based approach to legal scenario planning so that the delegates could benefit from Crystal’s unique Collaborate App.

Derek Klyhn from Møller provided the industry expertise and insights with Chris Elmitt of Crystal Interactive co-facilitating the session. Managing partners formed into small teams each with a deck of playing cards, with each card outlining a current or future trend in the legal industry. Teams first grouped the trends by likelihood and by level of impact. They then entered their chosen cards onto the Crystal provided iPad. From here, they grouped the cards into scenarios and submitted their scenarios, via the iPads, for other teams to review. All the delegates then prioritised the list of scenarios and developed working teams to address the high-priority issues.

All the issues were captured via the Collaborate App giving Lex Mundi unique insights on:
• The trends most likely to affect the industry
• How these trends would typically combine into scenarios
• Details of the likely implications of the scenarios and member firms’ expectations of Lex Mundi

The whole process lasted a little over two hours, in plenary and breakout, and generated:
• 100% engagement from all participants and teams throughout
• 90 different scenarios generated by teams
• 925 votes to choose key scenarios
• 10 proposed solutions to the key challenges

After the event, all the delegates received a comprehensive summary and report that included all the delegates’ inputs in terms of card choices, scenarios, votes and proposed solutions.

Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms. It provides member firms and their clients with a trusted network of law firms that share similar values and a similar focus on quality through which they can access unparalleled global legal resources.

Using the cards and iPads got all the participants engaged from the outset and stimulated discussion… the sessions and technology allowed participants to share with each other and then see the trends their peers thought would have the greatest impact.

Melinda Eggenberger, Event Organiser


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