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The European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) is an annual educational event that attracts 300 professionals from publishing, pharmaceutical and diagnostic/device organisations and communication agencies. The two-day conference includes plenary sessions, keynote addresses, workshops and breakout sessions, interactive roundtable discussions and an evening of networking.

An exhibition runs alongside the conference, where 21 key exhibitors can showcase their products and services, share information and network with attendees.

The key objective for the conference is to ensure members are kept informed of trends, best practices and legislations that are impacting their industry. Alongside education, the organisation focuses heavily on allowing time for networking, as well as fostering attendee engagement with speakers throughout the conference. Organisers were also keen to encourage collaboration between attendees from different sectors of medical publications.

The event team wanted to try something new this year by bringing some high-tech fun to the meeting. The challenge at every meeting is to find fresh, unique ways to maximise time and increase attendee engagement, exhibitor leads and interaction with faculty.

Having supported this event with a range of our event technology for the past three years, we were delighted to provide our Smart Wearable badging solution to the team for the first time.

Each of the 300 delegates were given a personalised smart badge at event check-in, which enabled attendees to exchange contact details with their colleagues and exhibitors, and access exhibitor content at the click of their badge.

The exhibitor information and contact details obtained were available immediately via an event app, which is paired with the smart wearable device. The app also contained the agenda, floorplan, speaker biographies and polling and Q&A functionality for use during the individual sessions throughout the day.

Our Event Technology Specialist, James Fawcett supported the event and managed the deployment of the technology on-site. We also set up a help desk for attendees to seek advice if required, ensuring maximum adoption and utilisation of the technology.

2,207 contact exchanges were made at the event. Organisers were delighted with how the smart badges acted as the perfect icebreaker to starting conversations between attendees, and allowed them to easily exchange contact details for follow up post-event. 

The networking feature of the badge was one of the most used features, alongside polling and the event schedule.

The technology was gamified, meaning attendees received points every time they exchanged contact details and accessed exhibitor information. This year we executed an exhibitor’s touchpoint passport game, where attendees were rewarded with an in-app badge when they clicked with an exhibitor. Once all 21 badges had been collected, they were entered into a prize draw.

This style of game has been a regular feature at the conference in previous years, although this year organisers felt the technology was better suited to the game and ensured a seamless experience for all involved.

People management through light
The interactive LED lights within the smart badges were used to manage the flow of delegates during the day, helping to guide them to the correct breakout sessions when required and alert them when to return to the main plenary area.

Connector keypad microphones
To help streamline and facilitate more effective live questions from the floor during the main plenary sessions, we provided our award-winning Connector Keypads as microphones on each table. This eradicated the need for the organiser’s event team to run around the room with roaming microphones. 

Live polling and Q&A
In order for speakers and presenters to interact with the audience and take questions from the floor we integrated sli.do into the app to allow for live polling and Q&A. Attendees were able to ‘up-vote’ submitted questions they felt were relevant and would like addressing. The live results were displayed on a large screen for instant discussion, giving all attendees a voice and allowing them to shape the conversation.

Event intelligence
Meeting organisers will use the valuable feedback generated from the live polls carried out at the event to inform other educational activities targeted in Europe (as well as US membership). The event team provided exhibitors with the names of the individuals they clicked with, as well as valuable information as to what content they accessed and other detailed insights into attendee behaviour, allowing the conversation to continue post-event. 

ISMPP is the only not-for-profit organisation founded by medical publication professionals for medical publication professionals. Since its inception in 2005, its membership has grown to more than 1,600 with representation from all stakeholders involved in the publication of medical research.

We’ve partnered with Crystal Interactive for the past three years and they have truly become an extension of our team. Having James Fawcett as our dedicated event technology specialist meant he was on top of everything on-site. We loved the technology and the attendees enjoyed it; it added an element of excitement to the meeting for the first time...and fun!

Laine Capaccio, Senior Director of Operations, ISMPP


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