The B Team

Not-for-profit organisation, The B Team in partnership with the Unilever Foundry, hosted a panel discussion and interactive workshop on the future of leadership entitled ‘Beyond Profit: the future of leadership’ at Unilever House in London. A diverse group of 100 entrepreneurs from the UK and European region attended, and were joined by some of the world’s key business figures in this area. The event focused on why companies should embrace purpose-driven leadership and how they can use it to build stronger businesses, while at the same time delivering value for people and the planet.

Following an intimate conversation with five prominent business leaders, which was to be streamed live on Facebook, delegates would be asked to form into small groups for several breakout sessions where they could reflect, discuss and share their own thoughts and ideas with peers.

At the same event the year before, event organisers had used a live Twitter feed to encourage delegates to interact with their peers and speakers. Feedback from this event had highlighted delegates wanted more time to interact with each other and speakers, and this encouraged organisers to seek ways in which they could make this year’s event more interactive.

Unilever was quick to recommend our Collaborate tool as a way of capturing group knowledge and sharing it instantly with the groups in the breakout sessions.

The B Team approached us just two weeks before the day of the event. Adept at working to tight deadlines, our project manager worked closely with The B Team to carefully prepare and manage the agenda and content for the breakout sessions using our Collaborate App. Organisers wanted to guide the structure of these group discussions with an engaging, user-friendly and interactive tool that could harness the thoughts and insights of the group in a limited time frame and Collaborate is the perfect tool for this. Using our suite of iPads, delegates could input their thoughts into Collaborate, which then prioritised emerging themes across the groups and provided the facilitator with further discussion points.

The Collaborate technology enabled The B Team
to crowdsource the best ideas generated at the workshop and provided great insight into helping shape the future strategy for the next generation
of entrepreneurs.

The event reached millions of people via Facebook Live, with over 11,000 people having watched the panel discussion to date and over 12.8 million people have been reached via Twitter.

The B Team is a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders, including Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz, to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet. It is founded on the belief that the private sector can and must redefine both its responsibilities and its own terms of success.

The Unilever Foundry is a platform for start-ups and innovators to engage, collaborate and explore business ideas with Unilever and its 400+ brands. Through the Foundry, start-ups can view and apply to address briefs from Unilever’s brands and functions; apply for business mentorship to get valued guidance and advice from across Unilever’s business, or register to attend events across the world.

Crystal Interactive came highly recommended to us by our partner Unilever, they advised us Crystal would be able to capture the knowledge shared
during our breakout sessions through their Collaborate software. We were very impressed with the ease of use and the levels of audience engagement we received. The onsite team offered great support throughout the live event and the whole team were exceptional at providing a great service at very short notice.

Anna Heckenlively, Manager, Entrepreneurial Engagement, The B Team


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