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The UK Oncology Forum brings together leading national and international oncology experts for a two-day meeting and addresses new therapies, current research and politics surrounding the delivery of cancer care within the UK NHS. The annual meeting includes an exceptional educational programme with 9 clinical streams which are repeated on the second day.

Sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, the event attracts over 500 healthcare professionals seeking the opportunity to network with colleagues and learn more about existing and future treatments. An exhibition runs alongside the conference where sponsors can network with attendees and share information.

Athena Meetings & Events has been successfully delivering the conference for 13 years. In previous years the team has used Excel and created its own badges for registration and printed a bulky and expensive programme, which included over 70 speaker biographies and sponsor adverts.

This year, the team wanted to create a paperless event, with onsite badging for a faster, smoother registration process. Further to this, Athena needed to manage attendees, so they could move seamlessly from session to session throughout the day. With 9 clinical streams running each day, every attendee needed to be registered into each of the sessions for compliance purposes. In previous years, this had been done using a sign in sheet, which delayed the start of each session, Athena was keen to reduce waiting time and source an alternative that could provide a full audit trail of who was in each session and how long they were in attendance.


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By working closely with the Athena team and establishing the objectives of the conference early on, we became an extension of their event planning team. We recommended using klik, an engagement platform paired with smart LED wearable badges, to provide the perfect all-in-one solution to streamline event management. Complemented by our on-site support service and pre-meeting advice and guidance, Athena gained maximum insights into attendee behaviour and realised the full potential of the engagement platform.

Seamless registration
Klik totally transformed the registration process for organisers and attendees. Pairing the klik wearable, which is personalised to the individual, takes seconds, accelerating the check-in process and reducing congestion. The badges were colour coded to denote which clinical stream the delegate was attending that day. 

Management of attendees through colour
All 500 attendees were divided into 9 colour coded clinical streams, according to which streams they had pre-booked. Management of the attendees during the conference was seamless, especially when delegates swapped sessions during the event.

Attendance tracking
With our assistance, organisers used klik to track how many people entered and left a session or area, making it easy for Athena to monitor foot traffic and track who went to which session, crucial for certifying attendance and validating CME Accreditations following the event.

Paperless meeting
The klik event app managed the attendees’ journey from beginning to end. The paper-free solution kept all information in one place – personalised agendas, speaker biographies, contact exchanges, a live floor map, feedback surveys and more. Our team populated the app and built and deployed 22 feedback surveys for evaluation purposes. Having the evaluation forms built in to the app saved Athena both time and resources in producing and distributing the forms post-conference and removed the pain-staking task of evaluating the results themselves.

Attendees were able to easily exchange contact information by clicking their badges together and download their contact list following the event. Over 3,200 contact exchanges were made, allowing sponsor exhibitors to network effectively with delegates and make meaningful connections. Athena was keen to encourage more networking between peers, as well as attendees and sponsors – klik’s interactive badges acted as the perfect ice-breaker to first introductions.

Data intelligence
Klik’s powerful data collection abilities provided valuable feedback for Athena to aid the procurement of sponsorship for the 2019 forum. By mapping delegate activity and attendance Athena was able to evaluate the effectiveness of all 14 exhibitor booths, clearly showing sponsors how many people visited their booths, the dwell time and provide a lead retrieval solution.

Athena Meetings & Events is a medical events agency and secretariat, that supports global cancer meetings, cancer organisations and the pharmaceutical sector to deliver high quality educational meetings.

Thank you so much for all your help, both on-site and pre-conference. You were a ‘dream-team’ to work with. We are a small agency and the flexibility, support and team spirit afforded to us by all of you did not go unnoticed and we are very grateful to you all.

"When we work with our clients we always say, “Athena works as an extension of your team” and working with you all, felt like you were an extension of our team, and that I would say, is one of your key selling points.”

Sharon Poole. Director, Athena Meetings & Events


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