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Voting Keypads

The Retail Recharged conference brings together 200 professionals and thought-leaders from the retail, technology and innovation landscape to facilitate meaningful conversations about innovation in an interactive and relaxed format. The exclusive, invite only audience have the opportunity to listen and engage with top speakers from some of the most iconic and innovative brands in the retail industry.

The event also provides a platform for nine start-up, breakthrough innovators to pitch their businesses to the audience. Following the presentations, delegates can choose their favourite up and coming entrepreneurs via an interactive live vote.

Held in London, delegates enjoy a fast-paced half day event where they can engage, collaborate and share ideas with their peers.

One of the main objectives of the event is for delegates to engage with one another and the panel of speakers, as well as collaborate with peers and cast their votes on this year’s top innovators.

Rich Insight returned to us for the third consecutive year looking for a voting and texting solution, with speaker tablets to allow presenters to interact instantly with the audience.

We recommended our Voting Keypads to allow presenters and speakers to easily engage and connect with the audience throughout various activities. Every delegate was given a Connector Keypad for use during the conference, which they could use to vote for one of the nine innovators, make selections on live polls and ask questions of the panellists without the awkwardness of having to speak into a microphone. Each of our handheld Connectors comes with a built-in microphone and sophisticated queue management system, so each delegate can ask questions with ease and be heard loud and clear.

Delegates were given the power to vote for their favourite innovator, via the voting keypads. Three factors were taken into consideration following each pitch and whoever received the highest average score was the winner of their category.

During panel discussions facilitators used the texting functionality of the Connector Keypads to allow the audience to submit their questions to shape discussions pertinent to them, the questions were fed directly to the facilitators’ tablets to create an instant, flowing dialogue.

One of the featured speakers, a retail psychologist, was able to use the voting technology to prove that asking two identical questions, worded differently, could cause people to vote in a different way.

Our on-site team of Event Technology Specialists ensured a complicated and fast-paced event, with its various voting and texting elements, ran incredibly smoothly. The Connector Voting Keypads were also used to gather valuable feedback from all delegates at the end of the event, which will be used by Rich Insight to further enhance the next Retail Recharged conference.

Rich Insight was founded in 2014, to help retail brands accelerate their growth through the implementation of proven multi-channel strategies. The company is uniquely positioned to support leading and emerging brands with customer-driven channel expansion, particularly focusing on helping brands in the adoption of new sales channels.

We were really impressed with the voting keypads and the level of feedback they provided. The stable network, speed and PowerPoint integration ensured a seamless event. What can be a very complicated event ran very smoothly in the hands of the Crystal Interactive team.

Richard Hurtley, Managing Director, Rich Insight



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