Smart Wearables

RecFest is the largest independent recruitment event in the UK for in-house recruitment, resourcing and talent acquisition. Created and managed by The Recruitment Events Co., RecFest is an outdoor, festival themed event, featuring 5 stages, 70 speakers, a huge variety of immersive experiences and attracts up to 3,000 people. It provides the perfect opportunity for attendees from the recruitment industry to meet their peers, build a network of contacts and expand their knowledge base.

In its second year, organisers wanted to make 2019 even better and were keen to incorporate the latest event technology, to enhance the overall visitor experience and encourage peer to peer networking amongst attendees. The atmosphere at RecFest is relaxed, with a festival vibe and organisers wanted to ensure people could connect with one another easily, enjoy the event and socialise while learning and collating informative content from exhibitors in an informal and immersive environment.

The client had seen our smart wearables in action and wanted to adopt this technology at RecFest, although they had initial concerns over the Wi-Fi infrastructure due to the outdoor nature of the event. The smart wearables are designed to work off Wi-Fi, and we needed to ensure a full proof Wi-Fi infrastructure to allow attendees to connect with one another via the wearable buttons and track attendees as they entered sessions, interacted with exhibitors and made their way around the festival.

We worked alongside Attend2IT, who provided a secure and reliable infrastructure for exhibitors, ensuring complete peace of mind for organisers before and during the event; organisers were able to address other areas of planning, safe in knowledge Crystal Interactive had this covered.

2920 delegates attended
13.5 sessions attended
19272 contact exchanges

Through careful consideration of the brief, event goals and planned activities we recommended our unique smart wearable buttons.

Our dedicated team integrated into the RecFest event team seamlessly, providing comprehensive pre-event advice and support prior to the festival and supported the event onsite with our crew of event technology specialists.

Using the buttons, attendees were able to easily exchange digital contact information with their peers and exhibitors, by clicking their buttons together. The contacts they made were available immediately via a paired and fully custom branded event app, which the attendee downloaded onto their own device prior to the event.

The event app also featured the agenda, speaker biographies, a full list of exhibitors, feedback surveys, gamification leader boards and more allowing attendees to plan their day.

Each wearable button was attached to a branded lanyard, the lanyard also held a small festival pass booklet and drinks voucher.

Using the engagement platform which is paired with the smart wearables, organisers were able to view how many contact exchanges took place throughout the event, the average number of exchanges per attendee and the peak times exchanges took place, allowing them to analyse what activities/sessions sparked peaks in networking levels. Detailed insights such as these aid planning for future events.

Attendance tracking
Our team installed Bluetooth hubs across the festival space, which work in conjunction with the smart wearables and allow data to be gathered passively, in real-time.

The passive tracking of event zones ensured organisers could manage the event’s dynamics and monitor the flow of attendees around the site.

By mapping attendee activity and footfall, organisers were able to determine who attended which sessions, which sessions were most popular, session dwell time, what content attendees chose to gather and more. This provides valuable insights into attendee behaviour for future planning and CRM activities post event.

Attendee feedback
Following each session attendees were asked to provide feedback via a simple survey housed in the event app. Post event, we provided organisers with a detailed report listing the average attendee rating per activity, the activity’s attendance level and dwell time at each activity. Organisers can use this information to review engagement levels and consider the results when planning future events.

Each exhibitor at the festival was given a ‘Touchpoint’ on their stand to digitise product interest and allow them to share content easily with attendees. Attendees clicked their button on the relevant Touchpoint and the content was sent directly to the attendee’s event app.

The Recruitment Events Co. is a collection of market leading event brands, including RecFest, which focuses on the in-house recruitment community, ranging from small networking gatherings to conference style events. The events offer a unique experience for recruiters to explore, learn discover and celebrate the industry.



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