How we helped Axiom deliver a multi-event leadership conference in 2022

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Throughout 2022, we supported our client Axiom, the employee engagement specialists, in delivering a series of face-to-face events for a leading provider in the construction industry. The purpose of these events was to bring together senior leaders and change champions from several divisions and work towards a sustainable future through engaging, collaborative discussions.

The construction business was formed during the pandemic, having previously comprised of several companies and divisions. The leadership group placed importance on bringing colleagues together into the same room after being apart for a long period of time due to social distancing measures. The objective of the event was to create clarity and enhance buy-in to the business strategy for the years ahead.

Key to the success of the engagement was hearing the voices and insights of participants through group working and an engaging, interactive agenda designed by Chris Carey and the team from Axiom. The first event was first held in April and conducted in a highly candid and action-oriented climate. Two further face-to-face events were built on these solid foundations and drove even deeper into the need to deliver success.


The events required colleagues to travel from across the UK and elsewhere in Europe to attend the events and physically meet colleagues within the organisation – many for the very first time. The aim was to ask participants to work in groups throughout the agenda and tackle business challenges and offer input and solutions. Sensitive information needed to stay internal, therefore requiring a solution which was private and closed-off externally.

Senior stakeholders placed importance on participants on offering up solutions through interactive and collaborative activities often taking advantage of the opportunity to offer their insights anonymously. The group discussions, and importantly personal actions, were captured and recorded through our workshop app – Collaborate – facilitated by Axiom.

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We deployed our Collaborate App solution as a web app for the participants to record their thoughts and group discussions on their tables.

The facilitator of the event opened several in-depth panel discussions and presented a problem to the participants to discuss. Participants would spend time conversing the discussion point, before submitting their ideas and solutions into our Collaborate mobile solution. Our Collaborate solution is able to manage the submissions through an advanced filter system, providing the speakers greater analysis of the submissions.

This means the participants could upvote the best ideas, raise their biggest concerns, and even ask challenging questions to the leadership panel - anonymously . Submissions were projected onto the large screen display for review and elaboration by the speaker panel. As participants became more comfortable with the web app, we were seeing an increase in more valuable thoughts and solutions.

The qualitative data we were able to collect and collate together from the multi-event was rich and in great quantity - providing the end client with actions to process going forward into 2023.


The Collaborate app solution was deployed as a web-app on participant mobile devices through our internal local network at the venue. The delegates would log in via their internet browser, logging into their own unique profiles. The app could only be accessed by participants within the room, adding an extra layer of security to confidential discussions.

The app operates on a secure closed Wi-Fi network. This means all submissions and responses submitted never leave the meeting room to external hackers. Our on-site event technician enabled activities at a push on participant devices, therefore activities were instantly found on the face of the app.


Our friendly, fully trained Crystal technicians are trained to support our clients on-site to reduce stress, operate the technology and ensure the smoothest delivery. Our on-site technician supported Axiom throughout multi-series event, supporting the main team and ensured all attendees were successfully using the web-app on their own devices. Our technicians provide a safety net to any technical issue, whilst putting on a friendly face to support our clients and attendees.


Axiom’s purpose is to help improve internal employee engagement and business performances by focusing on inspiring, aligning, coaching and training people within the organisation. Our long-standing relationship with Axiom has seen many engaging leadership conferences and events which has produced value to senior leaders.

Crystal team - you did so much more than support this highly-rated leadership event, you were instrumental in its success. Thanks for your partnership.

Chris Carey, Axiom



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