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Our client, Envision Pharma Group has been successfully delivering events for a major pharmaceutical research company for many years. However, this year Envision looked to event technology to create a new dynamic, increase interactivity and engagement levels and make the event more memorable.

Following a recent clinical trial carried out by the end client, Envision planned two events. The first event brought together 15 leading medical experts to review the research findings and approve the content to be presented at the second event. Organisers invited over 60 Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) to the second event, where they sought to identify challenges faced in the trial and consider and prioritise the possible solutions.

Organisers wanted to dispense with traditional paper based methods of communication. The focus was to capture feedback and make a ‘heavy’ meeting more engaging and valuable for attendees.

We recommended our Collaborate App, the perfect tool to harness collective insights from the group, in an inclusive and interactive way. We supported both meetings with Collaborate, which allowed for instant capture of issues and ideas.

Collaborate was central to the event process. We adopted a Hackathon style approach to both meetings. In the first meeting, attendees were able to prioritise the content they wished to present at the follow up event.

During the second event, attendees were arranged into small groups and worked together to identify the challenges faced within the trial. Significant ideas from each table were entered into Crystal Interactive iPads for further group deliberation.

Ideas were whittled down again into favourites using the upvoting app feature. The most popular challenges identified were reviewed by moderators and then split between the groups to work on.

The groups were then tasked with finding solutions for their challenge, and again attendees shared their feedback via the Collaborate App on the iPad.

A total of 49 solutions were identified and shared with all attendees, and a second prioritisation took place. Again, attendees were able to upvote the solutions, with 4 solutions prioritised. The solution ideas prioritised provided workable responses to the challenges faced in the medical trial to be actioned by the end client.

After the event, each attendee received a comprehensive report detailing all the discussion topics and findings of the Hackathon.

Pre-event training
Our Account Manager, Caroline Perriam, demonstrated the software and the capabilities of Collaborate to the core event team and conducted online webinars in the run up to the event, to ensure everyone was full prepared on the day. An in-depth conference call was held with the event presenter prior to the event, which outlined the merits of a Hackathon, how to get the best from it and how best to leverage Collaborate.

On-site support
Our dedicated Event Technology Specialist, James Fawcett, was on-site the day before to fine tune the technology and address any concerns or questions the event team had, ensuring everyone was confident in the technology. He also worked behind the scenes during the event, guaranteeing the technology ran smoothly on the day.

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