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Close Brothers Asset Management
(CBAM) hosts an annual internal staff conference, which brings together 150 employees, for a day of learning and to review the company’s strategy and objectives for the year ahead. The event finishes with a dinner and awards ceremony.

This year, organisers were keen to drive engagement and increase interactivity. The event involves a number of presentations throughout the day and organisers wished to break this up with interactive live polls and Q&A sessions to give attendees the chance to contribute and voice opinions, and in turn increase audience engagement levels.

The CBAM team approached us in the early planning stages of the event, with initial discussions taking place 2 months prior to the conference. During our in-depth scoping meeting, where we discuss what it is the client is trying to achieve, we recommended using our live polling and Q&A solution, Slido and our ‘Premium Service’ package, which includes fully supporting the deployment before, during and after the event with our dedicated project management team.

Premium Service
Our ‘Premium Service’ package is perfect for event planners who are new to deploying live event technology at an event. Our dedicated project management team guided the CBAM team through every step, with the aim of improving audience engagement levels from the outset. From pre-meeting advice, covering app theming, question programming, question design and interaction planning, pre-event speaker briefings and advice on how to encourage people to use the app, and ice breakers to warm attendees to the technology.

Valuable attendee insight
We helped CBAM obtain feedback in an energetic and engaging style. Ensuring all employees, at all levels had the opportunity to take part and voice their feedback anonymously via the live polls and Q&A sessions, on their own devices, if they wished.

We recommended engaging attendees prior to the conference by preparing a set of pre-event questions, and the responses were then incorporated into the conference.

The attendees embraced the technology and utilised the app with ease on the day, which led to a rich and meaningful set of responses being collated to help shape future discussions and work.

Since the conference, the team has used several of the word clouds generated on the day in pitches to demonstrate how people feel about working for CBAM and a page has been created on the staff intranet which answers many of the questions received on the day via the app, enabling the wider business to access this information.

Interactive quiz
A last minute decision by organisers was made during the evening dinner to allow attendees to vote for a ‘People’s Choice’ award. This award can often be quite political, so the opportunity to put the onus on attendees to make the decision on who should win seemed like the perfect option. Our Event Technology Specialist who was on site throughout the day, worked fast under pressure to adapt the app to work in this scenario, and attendees were able to cast their vote via the app.

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services and securities trading. We provide financial support and advice to small businesses and individuals in the UK. A FTSE250 company, Close Brothers employ over 3,000 people.

We were delighted with the support we received from Crystal. The service they provided was extremely thorough and their knowledge of the product was second to none. Having the Crystal team onsite to support the event and by our side during the planning stages took away the strain and eased the pressure on the day. The technology added a new edge to the event which we hadn’t seen before and enabled attendees to participate easily throughout the day, maximising our audience engagement levels.

Katherine Lacey, Senior Marketing Manager, Close Brothers Asset Management



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