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Best practice insight and technology company, CEB Global, host an annual Internal Communications Summit every autumn, where over 200 communications executives from some of the world’s leading corporations gather together, to share solutions to the challenges facing their field and learn from speakers from a wide range of blue chip companies.

Having worked with us in the past, Head of Events at CEB, Alex Hentschel came to us to help her create the most engaging, interactive event CEB had ever run. In previous years, the company had printed a hefty delegate pack and Anna was keen to reduce reliance on paper-based methods and deploy an Event App, which was capable of holding all content relating to the Summit and maximise audience engagement with speakers and presenters and encourage peer to peer interaction.

We worked closely with the team at CEB in the weeks prior to the event. Following in depth discussions detailing their requirements, we assisted in the development of their event objectives and recommended our Event App with a full suite of engagement features. Our brief was to encourage meaningful engagement for delegates, provide relevant knowledge and information to the event team and deliver sufficient training and guidance to all stakeholders to maximise adoption across the two-day event.

Delegates were asked to download and engage with the Event App on their own devices prior to the event opening and were given constant reminders throughout the Summit to engage with the App. By encouraging early participation in the technology, excitement and interest in the event was built and delegates were ‘ready to go’ from the outset of the conference.

All presenters and key CEB staff took part in two training sessions, to brief them on how to use the technology and its benefits in the days prior to the event. By ensuring the speakers and presenters felt confident using the technology they were able to pass this confidence onto the audience and encourage greater audience participation.

A number of engaging features were chosen including live polling, messaging, word clouds, gamification, contact exchange to enable networking, an exhibitor treasure hunt to encourage attendees to interact with the App and exhibitors and a welcome video from the Chairperson.

Our team of Event Technology Specialists were onsite before and during the event to support the CEB team, ensuring everything ran seamlessly, answering any questions the delegates had with regards to the technology via our App Helpdesk and managing the technology and its outputs throughout the event.

Delegates were given the power to shape the agenda via the interactive polling elements of our Event App during an engagement activity – the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’. On the first day, attendees were asked to submit a question into the Event App that they would like to put to their peers. At the end of the day our ETS team grouped the responses into a list of the top 20 questions. At the start of day 2, presenters introduced the top 20 questions on screen and attendees were asked to ‘like’ their favourite questions via the polling element within the Event App. The top 8 questions, that received the most likes, were taken and made into live polling questions.

During the morning, we ran a 45-minute polling session, where all delegates were presented with the questions and asked to answer them via a series of multiple choice questions. All delegates inputted their answers via the Event App and responses were captured. By late afternoon the results had been turned into a revealing infographic, which was sent out to all 200 delegates via the document section  of the App, a perfect takeaway for attendees.

CEB Global is a best practice insight and technology company, which is now part of Gartner. In partnership with leading organisations around the globe, CEB develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. The company equips leaders at more than 10,000 companies with the intelligence to effectively manage talent, customers and operations.

We were delighted with the outcomes of the Summit, it was the most engaging event we have run to date and Crystal’s Event App played an integral part in this. The Event App was well received, and we encouraged its use throughout the event. Crystal helped us to brief all our presenters to ensure they were fully versed in how to use the App, why we were using it and its benefits, so that they could help encourage our attendees.

Alex Hentschel, Head of Events, CEB Global



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