How we helped Axiom deliver a multi-event leadership conference in 2022
Strategy planning via our Collaboration platform

Collaborate App

Throughout 2022, we supported Axiom in delivering a multi-series event for a leading provider in the construction industry. The purpose of these leadership events was to bring together senior leaders and colleagues from several divisions and work towards a sustainable future through engaging, collaborative discussions.

Collaborative Workshop

Collaborate App

Our Collaborate App was integral to Dassault Systèmes' two-day event, which saw 80 senior business leaders come together to answer the question 'What does it take to deliver a sustainable business?'

UK Values Alliance
World Values Day Workshop

Collaborate App

World Values Day is an annual campaign that acts as an opportunity for individuals and organisations to think about their most deeply held values and to act on them. We provided our fully-supported Collaborate App to harness the insight of the attendees in a limited time period.

The B Team
The Future of Leadership Interactive Workshop

Collaborate App

The event focused on why companies should embrace purpose-driven leadership and how they can use it to build stronger businesses. Our client needed a way to gather suggestions from all of the attendees and quickly filter them down into a handful of onward actions.

Lex Mundi

Collaborate App

Lex Mundi brought together managing directors from over 100 law firms to discuss the big issues facing their industry today. A Hackathon approach, using Crystal’s Collaborate App, gave an insightful snapshot into the most pertinent issues and enabled the group to come together and problem solve.

Old Mutual Wealth
Collaborative Virtual Meetings

Collaborate App

Old Mutual Wealth utilised our Collaborate App, with pre and on-site support services, when defining its company values and culture. Over 250 internationally based employees were given a voice in shaping the company’s future via the bespoke collaboration software.


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