Games App Drives Engagement


Engaging delegates is key to a successful event - and playing a collaborative games app is highly engaging.

According to the Entertainment Software Association 62% of gamers play with others, either in-person or online. So take advantage of the social and collaborative benefits of playing games at your next event. Having some fun will create a good atmosphere which in turn will improve outcomes.

You're In The Driving Seat

Recently, I designed a custom Driving games app to encourage teamwork between 180 delegates.

The games app splits delegates into 2 teams, 1 group controlling steering with the other in charge of acceleration and braking. The aim of the game is for a car, controlled by the delegates, to reach company HQ in the fastest time possible whilst avoiding obstacles. The moving car is displayed in realtime on the mainscreen as delegates, using iPad minis, control the car's direction and speed.

The games app was created to be a metaphor for how the company needs good teamwork to be successful. The delegates were so engaged with the games app they instinctively shouted encouragement to one another as they worked together to achieve the goal. The Driving games app worked so well they were eager to play again and beat their time.

One enthusiastic delegate said, “I haven’t played a computer game in years, much less a multi player game live at a conference - now that’s a first. The game itself was great fun, we had to work together to complete the journey and when we tried it for a second time, we smashed our previous time. What a result!"

Here are 3 reasons to use a games app at your event:

1. Collaborate

Having a collective goal encourages delegates to work together to achieve the desired objective. For example, working together to steer and accelerate a digital car ensures collaboration.

2. Learn and Have Fun

A games app provides fun whilst enabling a memorable learning experience for delegates. A games app can provide an enduring moment at the event remembered long after the delegates have left.

3. Participate

No matter how little experience a delegate has playing games our app makes it easy for everyone to participate. We accomplish this using simple and intuitive game play.

Play a Games App at Your Next Event

The Crystal team know how to deliver a games app to engage and delight your delegates.

Play a games app to give your delegates an engaging and unforgettable event moment. Our games apps are entertaining, easy to deploy, have great game play and are budget friendly.

Find out more about our games apps here and call us now.

Update on 1 October 2014: Read Ed's blog about version 2 of the Driving Games App: Let The Games App Continue.

Update on 29 October 2014: Our collaborative Driving Game Engine is shortlisted for the Eventia Innovation Award.

Update on 28 November 2014: The Driving Game Engine receives Highly Commended in the Award for Innovation category at the Eventia Awards. 





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