7 Questions To Ask Your Conference App Provider


Not all conference app providers service and apps are created and deployed equally.

If you care about your event and delegate engagement you will realise that a carefully curated conference app can enhance event messages, stimulate involvement and improve outcomes.

Crystal care about the organiser and delegate experience, and understand how to create and deploy an app to ensure high levels of delegate engagement.

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1. When will delegates download the app?

We all lead very busy work and personal lives. Many people only focus on the next task or meeting, moments before they need to. Delegates are no different. They’ll have the date and venue in their calendar, maybe have thought how they are getting there, and not worry about much else.

In general, delegates don’t download conference apps in advance unless they have an incentive. Quite often a delegate won’t bother to download the app at all.

2. What size will the app be?

App file size is an issue when considering download times and available space on delegate devices. The bigger the app the longer it takes to download. Fine if you are online at home on a fast line, but a completely different experience at a conference venue with several hundred other people all using the same bandwidth.

3. What permissions does the app need to install?

Some conference apps request lots of permissions from the delegate/ device in order to be installed, this is incredibly off putting for delegates and will stop delegates installing the app.

Worse, does the app get installed from an unauthorised place – meaning different from an app store. No sensible mobile user wants to install an app from an unauthorised place.

4. Is venue WiFi and internet fast enough to support the app?

If delegates don’t download the app in advance, they will try downloading during registration or when prompted during the event itself. The venue WiFi and Internet bandwidth will be put under severe strain at this time. If the WiFi goes slow, delegates will give up trying to install the app and/ or will miss a vote or interaction.

5. Who handles the content and project management of your app?

Content management and version control can be a major time sink in the pre event phase.

Someone has to input the content and work out how the features are going to be used and the event flow. Who handles this?

6. How easily and quickly can I update event content in the app?

Some changes to the app will be quick and easy, other changes to the app could require the delegate to download the app again. Find out about the key content of your app and what the impact will be of adding, amending or removing for the following:

App text
Delegates/ Speakers/ Agenda items
Votes and Ask Questions
Slides/ PDFs/ Video

7. How secure is your app?

Most apps are hosted online, so data passing between the app and the online server could be intercepted and read. Will the app contain personal or commercially sensitive data? What are your client’s data security requirements? And how does your supplier mitigate or prevent snooping or data loss?

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